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Raw Juices and Smoothies

Do you love chocolate milkshakes, but worry about the effect that the processed sugar and other unhealthy ingredients have on your body? Worry no more!  I’ve got a guilt-free alternative from my raw food kitchen that’s sure to satisfy you.

Discover how dairy-free milk substitutes, a common fruit, and a “secret ingredient” from the Andes can be combined to create a frozen drink that’s just as nutritious as it is crave-able.

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Want a different spin on getting a lot of healthy nourishment without having to eat a lot of salad?  When I want a quick and easy way to give my body the energy-filled nutrition it craves, I turn on my blender and make a Garden Vegetable Smoothie, the latest addition to my YouTube videos.  You can see the video right here.


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As a child, a steaming cup of whole milk cocoa topped with a marshmallow was a great way to warm up after playing outside in the Chicago snow.  As an adult, however, I find a nutritious smoothie is just as delicious, and much more comforting than a mug full of dairy fat and sugar. That’s what made me decide to upload a new Chocolate Green Smoothie demonstration to my YouTube Channel

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Raw Food Juice Is Sunshine in a Glass

Posted on November 14 2012 | (0) Comments
Category:Raw Juices and Smoothies

Rise and shine! It’s easy to do on even the darkest mornings when you’ve got ‘sunshine in a glass’ to look forward to. My Citrus Sunshine Juice recipe contains bright, cheerful, eye-opening flavors and a full day’s worth of nutrition.

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Dim the lights.  Cue orchestra.  Raise the curtain. It’s SHOWTIME!  I’m thrilled to announce the premiere of Super Green Juice, the first of more than 20 new raw food videos I’ll be uploading to my YouTube channel in the weeks to come.

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