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I'm excited to share my latest easy raw recipes, tips, and techniques with you in this raw recipe blog. Whether you're new to raw foods, interested in easy raw meals, or need a popular question answered, I want to help you learn the secrets of delicious, easy raw food preparation. Drop me a comment, and we can start a conversation. Never miss a post by signing up for my blog either by email or by RSS feed.

So many parents I know are understandably worried about what their children are putting into their bodies.  A terrific way to turn young eaters into healthy eaters for life is to turn them into masters of the art of salad-making.

Salads are an ideal gateway for introducing kids to a raw food kitchen because salad-making is so simple.  Salads are fun, too, because kids can be super-creative mixing fruits, nuts, colors, textures, and more. 

Turn your kids into raw food fanatics with my easy-to-prepare Taco Salad.

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I’m taking a survey to find out more about you and other raw food fans like you.  The answers to your questions will help me fine-tune the content in my newsletter and on my website.

10 of the readers who fill out my online survey will win a FREE DVD along with my thanks.

This survey is now closed. Thanks so much to everyone who participated, and to the winners, Kristin, Cassandra, Mickey, Tracy, Kevin, Myra, Jackie, Cindy, Ed, and Sandy!


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To me, the arrival of springtime has always felt like cause for celebration. We've made it through winter's cold, dark days, and now the season of renewal and rebirth is upon us. No more holing up in our caves - it's time for life beneath the cherry blossoms!

In spring, most of us want to feel light, fresh, and...well...springy. And I've found that eating lots of healthy, raw foods is a key to achieving that. Eating a diet that's high in raw foods is simply one of the easiest, yet most powerful ways to start feeling more vibrant and alive.

To help you blossom this spring, I'm offering a $50 discount to the next 30 people who sign up for my online course, Ready for Raw, by Monday, May 26th. Read on to see how to get this discount.

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My Apple-Banana Green Smoothie tastes so delicious that most people don’t suspect just how rich it is in “green” nutrition.   If you’ve enjoyed drinking smoothies, but never made one, this is your chance to become an instant smoothie specialist. 

Smoothies are the ultimate in ease and convenience, and I promise you’ll be able to master my four-step no-fail smoothie “formula” My just-uploaded raw food demonstration video reveals my “secret” to creamy smoothies and turns a simple breakfast beverage into a refreshing meal for Mother’s Day.

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Do you love serving dips at parties, but feel guilty loading up your guests with dips made from sour cream and other high-fat dairy products?  My new video demonstration cuts the fat, but not the flavor with Mock Sour Cream and Chive Dip.

My version of the traditional dip swaps out processed ingredients for better-tasting, all natural ingredients that will nourish your body while tantalizing your tastebuds.  Serve it with red peppers, cucumbers, and other veggie slices for watch it disappear.

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