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Dreamy Pastry Cream

Posted on July 08 2013 | (0) Comments

In my last raw food video post, I showed you how easy it is to open a young coconut.  Now that you’ve mastered that technique, I want to reward you with Pastry Cream--a dessert recipe that uses that sweet, creamy flesh. 

A Raw Food Dream Cream

Traditional pastry cream is like a pudding; and like pudding, it’s made with cream, milk, egg yolks, and sugar.  Tasty, but not very healthy.  As you’ll see in the video, my version is made with

1. Young coconut meat
2. Agave – a natural sweetener that enhances the flavor of the coconut. (You can use honey or maple syrup if you prefer.)
3. Water – for the perfect consistency
4. Orange juice – for a note of citrus-y sweet-tartness
5. Vanilla
6. Salt
7. Almond extract – adds a delicate aroma
8. Turmeric – this unexpected ingredient contributes the slightly golden color of cooked cream

There’s not a lot of work to do.  Just put these ingredients into your blender.  I like the Kitchenaid 5-Speed Blender.  The different speeds help me get just the right consistency.

Coconut Oil & Lecithin in Raw Food Recipes

Coconut Oil is the next ingredient in my raw pastry cream recipe.  This fat is solid at room temperature which is fine in some raw food recipes, but it must be melted to be use in a blended recipe such as Raw Pastry Cream.  Does that mean this recipe isn’t raw?  Not at all.  As you’ll see in my demonstration video, you don’t cook the oil; merely warm it slightly.

Lecithin is the final ingredient and makes your raw pastry cream firmer and creamier.  It is, however, not a “raw’ ingredient.  But I’m not a raw purist, and in this recipe, I think it makes a huge difference for the better, as you’ll see when I show you the completed recipe.

Click here for the Pastry Cream recipe.

In my next video post, I’ll show you how to create a raw food tart that you can fill with your dairy-free pastry cream and top with berries, peaches, kiwis, and more.  You’ll see how to make a classic fresh fruit tart to enjoy any a friend’s house for a potluck Sunday brunch, at your desk for a midafternoon treat, etc. 

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