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A Spin on Salad in a Raw Food Smoothie

Posted on January 29 2013 | (0) Comments
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Want a different spin on getting a lot of healthy nourishment without having to eat a lot of salad? 

When I want a quick and easy way to give my body the energy-filled nutrition it craves, I turn on my blender and make a Garden Vegetable Smoothie, the latest addition to my YouTube videos

You can see the video right here.




Many people enjoy sweet, milkshake-y fruit smoothies for breakfast.  I do, too, but there are times my notorious sweet tooth is “napping” and I prefer something savory.  This is especially at lunch or dinnertime.  And you know what?  In doing research for the revised version of my first book, I found out a lot of other folks like savory, too.

So in the revised edition of my first book, Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People, you’ll find a bigger-and-better-than-ever smoothie chapter that includes lots more veggie-based smoothies. 

My Garden Vegetable raw smoothie is a delicious example of a savory smoothie.  It includes spinach, so it’s an antioxidant powerhouse.  But rather than balancing slightly bitter greens with sweet fruit, I use vegetables including celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini instead. 

Click here to see the printed recipe. 

The result is flavorful and satisfying.  It’s also low in sugar, and totally fat- and salt-free.  Your body loves that!

You won’t believe how easy it is!  You don’t need a juicer; a blender will do fine.  Oh!  And if you’re new to smoothie-making, pay special attention the order in which I place the ingredients into the blender.  Following this suggestion will ensure the best possible blending.


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