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Book Review and Raw Chocolate Pecan Pie Recipe

Posted on November 01 2011 | (3) Comments
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It really brightens up my days to know that people have enjoyed reading my books.  So I was especially pleased to see a recent glowing review by Joanna Steven, a raw food enthusiast, who weighed in on my raw food sweets and treats book Raw for Dessert.

As part of her review, Joanna included my Chocolate Pecan Pie recipe that uses an Almond Pecan Crust, a variation of my Almond Crust recipe. Almond Crust is easy.  It has just 3 ingredients: nuts, dates, and salt.  You simply process them together and then use your fingers to form a crust in a pie or tart pan.  (This is a terrific thing to do with kids).

My raw food Almond Crust recipe is also super-versatile.  The delicate flavor is ideal with fruit, so you can use it to make a raw food Apple Pie or a raw food Blueberry Tart.  Joanna’s version (actually something created by one of her friends) fills my crust with layers of date paste and chocolate ganache to create an irresistibly delicious Chocolate Pecan Pie.

You can see her version of my Chocolate Pecan Pie Recipe by clicking here.  

Have YOU been tinkering with my recipes?  I hope so.  And I hope you’ll post your variations and pictures if you have them so that other readers of this blog can enjoy them, too...including yours truly!

Thanks in advance for sharing!

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On November 17, 2011 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said...

I have recently purchased Raw Food Made Easy, and the Black Forest brownie recipe is amazing! Delicious and quick to make. I followed the recommendations but also added a bit of organic chocolate flavouring.

I feel much better when I eat raw food, so Thanks so much for this book, it is really helping me to keep on cooking raw!

On December 13, 2011 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said...

I recently purchased ” Raw for 1 or 2” and am enjoying it immensely. The choc pecan pie is amazing. We had it on Thanksgiving and it was a hit. I also just tried the apple crisp and my husband [a meat and potato and apple pie freak]loved it. I am slowly converting him. I also liked the ‘spaghetti and marinara sauce’ very much.  My energy levels are way up & I feel great eating mostly raw [I need a cup of hot soup once in a while up here in Maine 20* this am].  Keep up the good work and I will spread the word.  I am only 56 and quite healthy, but I want to stay as healthy & maybe live as long as my grandmother did. She lived 105 years. 


On December 15, 2011 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said...

Hi Elaine,
I’m so glad that your husband like the apple crisp! That’s great that you’re enjoying the recipes and feeling great. I’ll keep those recipes coming in the blog posts!


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