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Lettuce is the New Bread in Easy Raw Food Sandwiches

Posted on August 26 2011 | (0) Comments
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Hello raw food fans.  Last time we talked about making light summer soups.  This time we’re going to pair those soups with equally light, but still satisfying sandwiches for my take on a Raw Food Soup and Sammie combo.

I hope you’re ready for something surprising.  I’m going to turn your perspective on sandwiches inside out.  I’m going to show you how to take what used to be INSIDE the sandwich and put it on the OUTSIDE to make light, delicious, wheat-free, gluten-free, BREAD-free sandwich that’s positively delicious.

Bread is SO Last Year
I’m the first to agree that bread is delicious.  Unfortunately bread’s high gluten content can weigh me down in the summer and make me feel sluggish at exactly the time when I want to be more active.   

But raw food sandwiches replace nutrient-empty white bread with vitamin- and mineral-packed greens.  They give you the energy you need without the ‘carb-coma’ that often comes after eating bread.  

You can’t beat a bread-free sandwich if you’re trying to trim some carb calories out of your diet.  Take my Veggie Sub Sandwich. It’s just as tasty as any veggie hero you might eat but it’s so much healthier.

A 6” hero roll sold by one of the national sandwich chains weighs in at 200 hundred calories, 48 carbs, 5 grams of sugar, and 290 grams of salt.  Compare that to numbers posted by Romaine lettuce, the un-bread wrapper for MY sub...

2 FULL CUPS of mild-flavored Romaine lettuce have just 20 calories with NO carbs, NO sugar, and NO salt.  One head of romaine has 206mg of calcium (about 21% RDA), 44% RDA of Omega-3 essential fats and 167% RDA of vitamin C while an average sized orange contains only 92%.

Talk about naturally perfect! 

Any lettuce will do as a sandwich wrapper, provided it is soft and pliant and can be rolled.  Play around with heads of Boston Lettuce, Red Leaf Lettuce, and other varieties to see which you like best. Click here for the Veggie Sub Sandwich Recipe.


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