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Raw Food Drink Recipes for More Energy and Less Weight

Posted on September 13 2011 | (0) Comments
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Raw Food Drink Recipes for More Energy and Less Weight

The real ‘key’ to weight loss and weight maintenance is making sure that you burn as many calories as you consume.  And as I embraced the raw food lifestyle, I noticed that I had a lot more get-up-and-go.  The increase in energy I felt was a direct result of  a fresh, raw, organic diet.

Raw foods are like rocket fuel for the body.  Here’s one reason why...

Chlorophyll, the little energy factories found in the cells of green plants, transforms sunlight into food for plants...and for you, too.  When you eat plenty of fresh green leafy vegetables, you're taking in chlorophyll directly into your body.

So the more greens you can enjoy in your diet, the better!

I eat a lot of greens, in general, but once a week I have a "light" eating day of vegetable juices and green smoothies to help me keep my weight on track and my energy high. I love downing a big glass of Energizing Purifying Juice Recipe which is rich in chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals.  In addition to the greens (kale, cabbage, and parsley), it's got lots of other antioxidant-rich vegetables, such as carrots, beets, and broccoli. It’s very satisfying and gives me tons of energy.  Added bonus--including beets and cucumbers in my vegetable juice is a complexion booster. Click here for the juice recipe.

And when I want something a little sweeter, I simply add a Granny Smith apple.   

A good juicer is an important part of the equation.  It literally ‘squeezes’ every ounce of goodness out of raw fruits and veggies.  You can read about one of my favorite juicers here.  

Next time, we’ll talk about some of the raw foods that you should enjoy in moderation to satisfy your appetite without busting your calorie budget.

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