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Raw Lunch in a Hurry

Posted on June 11 2012 | (1) Comments
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Hello again!

Last month, I promised that I’d be talking about great ideas for raw food at lunch time, and I’m going to make good on that promise today.  I’m going to share more information from the new version of Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People along with one of my favorite lunchtime recipes.  

One of the expanded sections I’m really excited about is Raw Food on the Go.  It’s filled with ideas for enjoying raw food when you’re eating away from home...something I do a lot!  When I was shooting the new videos that will be uploaded to my YouTube channel starting in August, for example, lunch was a bit of a hurry-up affair. That’s when I was thankful for my Not Tuna Pâté recipe



Not Tuna Pâté is a healthy and light raw food recipe made with protein-rich nuts and seeds, along with minced vegetables and spices.  I eat it with an assortment of fresh, crisp vegetables for a delicious midday meal.   

It only takes me a minute in the morning to chop a few veggies and spoon my raw food pate into a food storage container or bag.  And the beauty of this recipe is that I can make a large batch on Sunday and feast on it for days since it keeps beautifully in for a week.

Not Tuna Pâté was featured in the original version of Raw Food Made Easy and I made sure to include it in the expanded edition, too.  It’s also one of the most popular of my videos.  It’s one of an 8-video playlist devoted to raw food recipes for lunch and dinner.    

Click here to get the recipe.

Next week, I’ll give you another peek inside my new book and talk about a heavenly alternative to a lettuce salad that makes a great take-along lunch when you’re headed to the beach, out on a hike, or just sitting in your backyard.

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On April 09, 2014 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said...

I made this and thought it would be ok, but i was so wrong.  It was gorgeous!!  So easy to make and so tasty, thank you so much for this recipe. smile

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