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Ready for Raw Classes Now In Session—ONLINE!

Posted on October 06 2012 | (0) Comments
Category:Easy Raw Meals

It's always struck me as crazy that prohibitive costs and logistical issues prevent most people from receiving any training in how to prepare delicious, health-sustaining foods. 

So I’ve created a fun, friendly, online training called Ready for Raw that allows you to learn with me from your own living room or kitchen.

Along with taking the sessions on whatever schedule is convenient for you, you’ll be invited to participate in live question and answer sessions.  There’s also a discussion area -- kind of a ‘student lounge’ -- where you can share ideas, exchange tips, and just hang out with like-minded raw foodies.

At under $15 per session, Ready for Raw is an outstanding value.

Free Sneek Peek
The best way I can think of to get you as excited as I am about Ready for Raw is to offer you access to a free sneak peek. This excerpt of a session is all about SuperDrinks and I think you’ll really enjoy it. Go to Ready for Raw to check it out. When you sign up for the free sneak peek, if you're already subscribed to my list, it will ask you to update your profile. Go ahead and click "submit" and you'll be emailed a link to the free sneak peek!

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