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Stalking Swiss Chard

Posted on October 05 2012 | (0) Comments
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Stalking Swiss Chard

If you haven’t ever tried Swiss chard, I hope this article will change your mind.  Although many Americans may think of it as unusual, it is one of the most popular vegetables throughout the Mediterranean.  And no wonder!  It tastes amazing and ranks second only to spinach with regard to its nutrient-richness. 

Tips for Purchasing & Using Swiss Chard

Here’s tip when you’re shopping for Swiss chard: While all Swiss chard stalks are crunchy and delicious, the more colorful stalks have a sweeter taste.  I’ve got some other tips, too

  • Choose Swiss chard with firm stalks, and crunchy, spot-free leaves.
  • Wash thoroughly before preparing.
  • If the stalks are fibrous, cut the base and remove the thread-like fibers

Now that the weather is a little cooler, my appetite for heartier soups is starting to re-awaken.  I make a variation of my Spinach—Apple Soup using Swiss chard in place of the spinach.  Fresh apples give sweetness and depth of flavor to this soup, and healthful avocado provides a creamy richness that is exquisitely satisfying.

 Click here to get the recipe for Swiss chard—Apple Soup.

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