Jenny’s Ultimate Breakfast Kit

Introducing: Jenny's Ultimate Breakfast Kit!



If being able to eat varied, tasty, and satisfying breakfasts even when you're short on time, energy, or brain power sounds like a dream, you need this kit!

What Makes Jenny's Ultimate Breakfast Kit a Game-Changer?

The ingredients in this carefully-crafted collection of recipes overlap. But they all taste deliciously different. So, you can go shopping once a week without even deciding which dishes you'll prepare. Then, every morning, you can spontaneously choose one of the 12 terrific breakfasts and be able to make and eat it within just a few minutes.


Here's What You'll Get in
Jenny's Ultimate Breakfast Kit:
A Training Manual Loaded with Healthy Food Prep Strategies: Sixty inspiring pages with links to 26 motivating audios that will transform how you prepare breakfast. You'll see exactly what kitchen tools you need and which ones you can hold off on. And you'll discover how to forget menu planning and turn breakfast into a nearly effortless pleasure.

The Shopping List: A printable list of ingredients that enables you to make just one weekly trip to the store to stock your kitchen with everything you need to prepare all the recipes in the kit. That's right; one single shopping trip and you can make any of the 14 recipes in the kit!

The Recipes: A delectable set of 14 lightning-fast, easy-as-can-be printable breakfast recipes (with tons of variations for each). They all taste great. They're all healthy. And they're categorized to give you daily go-to breakfasts and special-occasion indulgences (which will delight your taste-buds without harming your body).
You'll learn how to make:
  • Green smoothies
  • Green juice
  • Fruit salads
  • Chia pudding
  • Seed porridge
  • Cooked vegan porridge, granola, and pancakes

All the recipes are vegan and free of gluten, dairy, sugar, and processed ingredients. Most of them are raw, with just a few cooked dishes included.

I should also mention that all the ingredients these recipes call for are simple, affordable, and basic-easy to find, and guaranteed to be used. And you'll get my helpful "substitution cheat sheet" of alternate ingredients, so if you can't find or don't like a specific ingredient, you'll always have an alternative.

It's all beautifully formatted, easy-to-use, and yours to download, print, and put into a binder (or store on your computer), and keep forever.


The cost for the entire kit is only $50.  As soon as you purchase it, you’ll receive the downloadable manual of tips, tricks, and inspiration; the shopping list; and the sensational recipe collection.

Order Jenny's Ultimate Breakfast Kit today, and make it happen!