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My Favorite Easy Raw Food ‘Recipe’ is Fruit

Posted on July 15 2011 | (0) Comments
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My Favorite Easy Raw Food ‘Recipe’ is Fruit

A friend and I were talking about things we like to eat last night.  (This is a pretty typical conversation around the Cornbleet house.)  We were on the subject of desserts and got to talking about pies.  My friend said that in her opinion, the best part of a pie is the fresh fruit filling, not the crust.

I couldn’t agree more!  Perfectly ripe fruit that’s been beautifully sliced and arranged on a platter is one of my favorite meals.

Don’t get me wrong!  I love veggies, too.  But nothing makes my mouth water like juicy peaches, tart citrus fruits, sweet watermelon, crisp pears, delicate kiwi, pop-in-your-mouth berries of every shape, size and color; etc., etc., etc.

Fresh, ripe fruit is the essence of raw food cuisine.  It’s colorful, fragrant, and delicious...and naturally rich in nutrition.  It’s also versatile, appropriate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack-time.  And fruit requires virtually no ‘preparation.’  Just wash and eat.

What’s not to love?

How to Pick Ripe Fruit for Raw Food Recipes
Now when you’re going to serve fruit ‘au natural’ in raw food fashion, selecting ripe fruit is extremely important.  Choose a peach that was picked too early and traveled too far, and it will be tasteless. Select a strawberry at lunchtime that’s taken on some moisture and it will be rotten before you serve it for dinner.

For a mouthwatering 'naked' fruit meal, try my Summer Fruit Platter. A rich array of red, purple, and pink colors make this fruit platter as beautiful as it is tasty. Click here for the recipe.

If you think fruit is too plain without crust, try my Coconut Crust made with nuts, coconut, and medjool dates.  It provides a wonderful crunchy accompaniment to your favorite fruit filling.

With August just around the corner, and lots of people taking vacation trips, my next post will be dedicated to a great travel companion:  raw food!

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